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reduce combined chlorine reduce chloramines secondary pool sanitizer pH and chlorine %HOCl pH and HOCl chloramine production slow chlorine chloramine removal how to remove chloramines how to reduce chloramines

Ways to Optimize Chloramine Removal
By Chloramine Consulting on November 27, 2021

When bathers enter the pool, there is a time delay between the formation of harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs), and when the ventilation system can ramp up its exhaust and fresh air...

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natatorium air quality pool evaporation natatorium air temperature pool relative humidity indoor swimming pool temperature air temperature for indoor pool

What is the Ideal Indoor Swimming Pool Temperature?
By Chloramine Consulting on August 31, 2021

We are frequently asked what air and water temperatures should ideally be for indoor swimming pools. The short answer is: it depends.  So let's explore both water temperature and air...

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indoor pool cost home indoor pool residential indoor pool indoor pool design indoor pool mistakes indoor swimming pool costs

Is a Home Indoor Pool Right for You?
By Chloramine Consulting on June 5, 2021

We receive a surprising amount of requests for help with home indoor pools, also known as residential natatoriums. Contractors and homeowners alike seek our opinions and guidance when it...

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trichloramine reduce chloramines airborne chloramines monochloramine disinfection byproducts DBPs chlorine vs chloramine what is a chloramine chloramine vs chlorine

Chloramine vs. Chlorine
By Chloramine Consulting on April 22, 2021

Let's discuss the differences between chloramine, or chloramines, versus actual chlorine. They sound similar and share some similarities, but there are important differences to...

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pH control pH and chlorine %HOCl pool pH swimming pool chemistry pH and bather comfort pH bather comfort pH and water chemistry pH and HOCl pH controller pH water clarity

5 Misunderstandings about Swimming Pool pH
By Chloramine Consulting on March 24, 2021

Of all water chemistry parameters, many experts argue that pH is the most important. Indeed, pH impacts just about everything else in water chemistry, but most swimming pool...

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natatorium aquatic facility operator ymca operator commercial swimming pool controller commercial swimming pool commercial pools HMAC pool waterpark water chemistry waterparks swimming venue

Commercial Pools and their Differences
By Chloramine Consulting on January 21, 2021

Commercial swimming pools are different from residential pools in many ways, though water chemistry is generally the same. The differences are mostly in the types of equipment and health...

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indoor air quality chloramines pool bubble inflatable pool dome pool bubble dome

Inflatable Pool Dome Air Quality
By Chloramine Consulting on January 11, 2021

While most outdoor pools in cold areas get winterized and covered, some stay open year round. They do so by erecting an inflatable pool dome–more commonly called a pool bubble–over the...

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vapor barrier indoor pool cover indoor pool covers solar pool cover indoor pool vapor barrier swimming pool cover bubble pool cover pool cover and water chemistry

The Benefits of Indoor Pool Covers
By Chloramine Consulting on November 6, 2020

Swimming pool covers are used for a variety of reasons on outdoor pools: safety, protection from the elements, and retaining heat. Indoor pools, however, use pool covers for one reason...

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pool dehumidifier pool dehumidification system condensation save water swimming pool evaporator coil how to save water on a swimming pool water vapor recycle water swimming pool evaporation loss

The Case for Recycling Pool Dehumidifier Condensation
By Chloramine Consulting on October 20, 2020

Today we ask an important question: why are swimming pools required to discard the water that is condensed (via dehumidification) out of the air? In our opinion, this is not only...

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natatorium air quality ammonia in pools pool deck cleaner swimming pool deck pool deck how to clean a swimming pool deck best pool deck cleaners pool deck chloramines indoor pool deck

Pool Deck Cleaners and other Ammonia Sources
By Chloramine Consulting on August 28, 2020

Got combined chlorine? If so, you're not alone. And no, not all combined chlorine issues can be blamed on swimmers peeing in the pool or not showering. Often times, the type of deck...

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rust on pool equipment pool chemicals pump room corrosion acid storage pool chemical storage chlorine storage pool safety chemical spill

Safe Pool Chemical Storage
By Chloramine Consulting on August 26, 2020

Swimming pools need chemicals to stay clean and balanced, but make no mistake, these chemicals can be dangerous. This article covers common pool chemicals and how to store them safely,...

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pool chemicals swimming pool automation pool controller chemical controller ORP control commercial swimming pool controller pool automation pH control

Swimming Pool Automation Controllers
By Chloramine Consulting on August 16, 2020

One of the biggest differences between residential and commercial pools is automation. Specifically, most commercial pools have at least some form of chemical automation or controls,...

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