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paddock evacuator Derek Ingram ALS

Remembering Derek Ingram
By Eric Knight on September 13, 2023

Last night, I got word that we lost our dear friend, coworker, and brother to ALS. And while we all knew this day was coming, it is incredibly difficult to write this. Perhaps in my mind,...

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chlorine smell chloramines airborne chloramines airborne chloroform coughing after swimming lifeguard lung swimmer cough chlorine cough

Chlorine Cough After Swimming
By Eric Knight on July 16, 2020

When air quality is bad in a natatorium, swimmers, coaches, lifeguards, and spectators all suffer. Exposure to airborne chloramines irritates lungs and can cause swimmers to cough. Chlorine...

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natatorium air quality pool air quality indoor air quality pool dehumidifier pool dehumidification system pool evaporation moisture removal rate relative humidity RH evaporation rate condensation rate

Relative Humidity in Natatoriums
By Eric Knight on June 6, 2019

Relative Humidity (RH) is the amount of water vapor in the air, relative to how much the air can hold when 100% saturated. RH is expressed as a percentage (%), where 100% is total...

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natatorium natatorium air quality pool dehumidifier aquatic facility operator facility operator open doors at a pool vapor pressure pool evaporation moisture removal rate

Keep the Pool Doors Closed
By Eric Knight on June 6, 2019

When the air goes bad in a natatorium, common practice is for swim coaches, lifeguards or even swimmers to open outside doors. Sure, opening outside doors may give some temporary relief and...

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