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chlorine and urea pH and chlorine %HOCl pool chlorine types of pool chlorine free chlorine

Swimming Pool Chlorine: 101
By Chloramine Consulting on November 27, 2023

Swimming pools need a residual sanitizer. Chlorine is the most commonly used sanitizer in swimming pools around the world for many reasons. In this first article, we will discuss the what...

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reduce combined chlorine reduce chloramines secondary pool sanitizer pH and chlorine %HOCl pH and HOCl chloramine production slow chlorine chloramine removal how to remove chloramines how to reduce chloramines

Ways to Optimize Chloramine Removal
By Chloramine Consulting on November 27, 2021

When bathers enter the pool, there is a time delay between the formation of harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs), and when the ventilation system can ramp up its exhaust and fresh air...

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pH control pH and chlorine %HOCl pool pH swimming pool chemistry pH and bather comfort pH bather comfort pH and water chemistry pH and HOCl pH controller pH water clarity

5 Misunderstandings about swimming pool pH
By Chloramine Consulting on March 24, 2021

Of all water chemistry parameters, many experts argue that pH is the most important. Indeed, pH impacts just about everything else in water chemistry, but most swimming pool operators–both...

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