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Topic: Pool Chemistry

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Why Shower Before Swimming?
By Chloramine Consulting on May 20, 2020

Today we are going to tackle a question we get regularly: does showering before swimming really make that big of a difference? Does it help that much? Some of the leading voices in the...

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Addendum to "Indoor Air Quality vs. Water Quality"
By Chloramine Consulting on June 9, 2019

This article is a republishing of a guest blog written by Eric Knight for the NSPF in 2017, found here.

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Pool Water Chemistry Resources
By Chloramine Consulting on April 12, 2019

To truly understand the indoor air quality problem, we need to understand the different components that are involved. This is a brief overview of the water side of the equation. We have a...

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chlorine smell chloramine consulting pool smell pool chemistry combined chlorine chloramines chloro-organic compound trichloramine water chemistry ammonia compounds urea nitrogen ammonia in pools chlorine and urea

Pool Water Chemistry, Part 2: Combined Chlorine
By Chloramine Consulting on April 3, 2019

This article expands on our last article, Part 1. Here we will focus on the process of handling nitrogen compounds in water, which create disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) like chloramines....

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pool chemistry combined chlorine chloramines chloro-organic compound hyper dissolved oxygen trichloramine water chemistry ammonia compounds pool sanitization

Pool Water Chemistry, Part 1: Pool Sanitization
By Chloramine Consulting on March 5, 2019

With a basic understanding of pool chemistry, the air quality problems of indoor pools become easier to comprehend. The two sides of the equation–water chemistry and air handling–are both...

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